Our 5-Step Fertilizer Program 

Fertilizing your lawn is essential to keeping it healthy and looking good. The Lawn Surgeon offers lawn fertilizing services that will have your yard looking fantastic in no time. Our lawn fertilizing process starts in early spring, runs through late November and has five important steps to help maintain your lawn's health throughout the year.

App. 1 Early spring

Fertilizer with crabgrass pre-emergent and weed control
App. 2 Late spring 
Slow release fertilizer that helps boost lawn health and appearance.  Weed control also applied. 
App. 3A Mid summer 
Slow release fertilizer to help lawn survive summer stress.  Weed control also applied.

App. 3B Mid summer w/grub control

Slow release fertilizer to help lawn survive summer stress with season long grub and surface insect control. 
App. 4 Autumn
Slow release fertilizer that brings out your lawn's beauty for autumn.  Weed control also applied. 
App. 5 Winterizer 
Helps lawn through the winter and provides a quicker start in spring. 
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